Chasing EbenezerBo Baskoro, and Rock and Roll Chili Pit are teaming up for a Christmas concert to support Living Water International in building a well in a community without clean water.

No cover, all ages until 9:30, 9:30-11:00 is 21+

Tribal folk rock band Chasing Ebenezer is based in Portland, Oregon and released their first album Outcasts & Refugees March 13, 2017. The project is a culmination of two years of recording. Through a fusion of folk, rock, blues, and world music percussion and progressions, this record explores the figurative way we are all displaced people and challenges listeners to care for the literal outcasts and refugees of society. The band plays with a full-on rock sound and a folk sensibility borrowing from traditions all around the world.


Bo Baskoro is a singer-songwriter from Gresham, OR who creates pop music with heavy influences from alternative and indie rock, folk music and his orchestral composition background. While being known locally for his talent and passion in performing, he decided in 2013 to spend time in Los Angeles investing in learning the skills to pursue music professionally in his home town. Since his return to Oregon, he had released his first single entitled, "The Woman" from his latest EP I Keep My Eyes Closed which gathered unexpected international attention. In 2017, Maxwell House partnered with Bo to produce a music video for Bo's newest single, "High (Keep Up)." Watch: