Shrista Tyree & Echo the Savage present “Late Lyrics” Music Open Mic. Hosted by Stand Up Comedian Shrista Tyree, Co-Produced with Echo the Savage and Sponsored by Brave and Fortune Studio with Singer/songwriter Ynn Peralta as our DJ! Located at Portland Burger. 18+ Free Entry. Mic is 7:30pm - 10pm

**Online signups begin at 10pm Tuesday and end 7pm Wednesday.
• Send us your stage name and instrumentals to be added to our sign up sheet.
• (If you do not use instrumentals for your set just state that in the email.

**Physical sign ups begin at 7pm and end at 9:30 pm Wednesday.
• Put your name on the physical sign up sheet and send us your set list via email.

This is a “curated mic” which means the order is chosen by the hosts. Priority is given to early sign ups and returning performers.

Emailing your set list:

• By emailing us your set list it makes the mic run smoother. So send us your Mp3’s or a web link to your music or instrumental.

🚨DO NOT: send us WAV or Google Drives. MP3 preferred. (The others take up too much time trying to download) If we have issues at the mic we can also use an aux cord to play your music but that is our last resort because it becomes too hectic when everyone is handing us their phones at a packed mic.

Music Open Mic:
This is a music only Mic, poetry is an exception. No comedy please.

Max Directions:

If you’re riding the Max the stop is Oak/SW 1st Avenue (Blue/Red/Yellow Line)

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