Every year on September 11th, all first responders eat for free at Portland Burger.

It is our desire to return to them a small portion of all they do for us; protection, assistance, help in tragedy. A First Responder is an individual trained and designated to respond to an emergency; someone who runs toward an event that everyone else is running away from.

Police Officer
Peace Officer
FBI Agent
US Secret Service Agent
US Marshal
Deputy Sheriff
Special Deputy Sheriff
Under Sheriff
Emergency Medical Technician
Physician Assistant
Dog Warden
Animal Control Officer
SPCA Officer
Correction Officer
Life Guard
TSA Officer
DEA Agent
Fish and Wildlife Officer
DEC Official
Emergency Medical Professional
FEMA Official
Homeland Security Agent
Air National Guard Soldier
US Army
US Navy
US Marine
US Air Force
US Coast Guard
Public Safety Official
District Attorney
Assistant District Attorney
Probation Officer
Elected Official
ATF Agent
State Coordinator
County Coordinator
Town Coordinator
Ladies AuxiliaryCampus Security
Security Guard
Fire Marshal
Harbor Patrol
Harbor PoliceConstable
Court Officer
Public Information Officer
Military Police
Environmental Police
K-9 Officer
Auxiliary Police
Park Police
Park Ranger
National Seashore Officer
Bridge and Tunnel Officer
Conservation Officer
Diplomatic Security
Private Investigator
Citizens Police Academy Graduate
Police Explorer
Corporate Security Officer
Insurance Investigator
Air Marshal
Civil Air Patrol
Game Warden
Postal Inspector
Transit Police
Red Cross Member
EPA Officer
ICE Agent
Border Patrol
Air Traffic Controller
University Police
Parole Officer
Fire Commissioner