Burger enthusiasts, assemble! On August 13-18, the city of Portland will once again become the burger capital of the world during Portland Mercury's Burger Week—presented by New Seasons Market with support from Widmer Brothers BrewingJim Beam, and Oregon's Finest.

FIFTY restaurants and bars do their best to one-up each other in this ultimate specialty burger showdown. Your challenge, Portland—if you should choose to accept it—is to eat as many of these $5 burgers as humanly possible over the course of six days.


Burger Name: Simon Bar Sinister

* Roasted Poblano Elixir of Broken Minds
* Charred Sweet Pepper Slaw of Delusion
* Pepper Jack Cheese of Lunacy
* Crispy Fried Onions of Agony
* Raw Onions of Eternal Rage
* Southern Garlic Butter Baste Of Hysteria

Dr. Simon Bar Sinister is the wickedest man in the world. We are here to help him with his ambition to rule the world. Or at least rule Burger Week. With our flasks in hand and the collective evil-genius of our staff, we have set out to create a mind-altering, burger-eating experience.